Target Guidelines

  • Serve airports of varying sizes, volumes, and throughput
  • Prefer those that handle over 500,000 annual passengers and more than 75,000 metric tons of cargo per year in Latin America and the Caribbean and worldwide.
  • Key performance indicators also include aircraft movement, type of aircraft, rates and charges, Fixed Base Operator, VIP lounge presence, as well as non-aeronautical businesses such as concessions, fuel, airport hotel, and other factors
  • Cargo can also be the main activity of the airport, instead of passengers

Service Offering

  • Airport Development, reaching solutions for investment, funding and managing airports
  • Airport Management & Operations: invest capital in each airport for a significant equity stake to address every aspect of the airport: finance, customer service, security, F&B, etc.
  • Management Contracts: may include commercial development, hiring and building teams, managing finances, marketing, or any other aspects related to revenue generation
  • Partnership Deals: form strategic partnerships with other business entities to share resources and services in order to help airports achieve success. .